Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HeySayJUMP nine members~


Hey! Say! JUMP

what I want to say again?
oh, the case of Ryuu's picture missing in Jweb profile huh..

I can't really say nothing~
just like what Kamichan says in his blog.. the return of Morimoto Ryutaro in JUMP is less than 5%..
and I'm freakin'ly agree that.
well, who doesn't know Johnny-san? =_=

this thing is something that I can see right from Ryuu's suspension.
[this is why Ryuu is getting suspended for 3 month]
it's the same case as Uchi and Kusano from NEWS before...
so, I'm expect the same thing to happen to Ryuu as well..
I hope I'm wrong...
 u kids shouldn't take work lightly y'kno~ =_=

yeah, I'm sad.. but not as sad as RyoPi withdrawal from NEWS before~
[bcoz RyoPi withdrawal is unexpected]
although I'm not expecting that the reduce in  JUMP member gonna be this fast right after NEWS case~ :(
but well, this thing is not official..
or it is? it's Jweb right? ah~ I'm confused.. idk what Johnny-san wants.
but no official statement yet either from the agency or from Ryuu himself.

btw, I'm not gonna ruin myself with this..
enough from NEWS~
the NEWS case is closed and now I even can't even listen to RyoPi solo songs :(
gomen ne Ryo-chan, Yamapi~ :(
I can't support u guys outside NEWS
later, maybe~ nantoka naru sa :)

I only have 10 JUMP member pic 

enough said!
I'm done~ :)
tomorrow I will go for some Kursus in Pangkor~
yayyyyyy~! :D
so, I'll be away for 4 days!
I will update about the kursus later kayh! ^^
ja~ mata ne~
bye~ bye~

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