Friday, November 11, 2011

[11/11/11] Outanjoubi Omedetto Tegoshi Yuya~!!

finally, my Ichiban day is here! yay!

Tegomasu wish^^

it's 11/11/11~
such a nice date~^^
to other ppl, this date might be the most suitable date for marriage and stuff,
but for Tego's fans~ this date means our cutie pie is turning 24~!yay~!
*throws confetti for Tegoshi's birthday~ ^o^

I'm typing this on 11:00 pm Malaysia time..
but its already 12:00 Japan time
so, here~

zutto Aishiteruuuuuuu~!!! :D

turning 24 in his pyon-pyon year!

I shall write on why I love him this much~ ^^
he's having the most AMAZING VOICE in NEWS and even in among other Johnnys~ ^^
always sing dear~ I love ur voice sooo much!^^
[the main reason why he's my Ichiban :)] 
that CUTE face!
kyaaaa~ ^o^
[I love this hair!]
he's unable to sit on that chair, and thus he tryin to act cool by putting his back on the desk to compensate his failness. but he failed! double failed!! ^^
LOL u're cute tego~
haha~ XD
YUKO-san~!! XD
LOL~ u're waaaaayyyy tooo beautiful  Tego!
Tegoshi-kun, ur drawing is horrible!!
kowaiiii yo~! XDXD
[aaand how his drawing became a picture for concert goodies? XD]
my Ichiban in NEWS drawing my Ichiban in Arashi~
haha XD poor Ninomiya-kun! XD
u have no artistic sense Tego! ur sha-sha is tooo adsfjdenk
[aaand how u always get this drawing corner again? XD]
the Terminator MONOMANE (Impersonation) XD
u just love doing monomane do u~
could I say 1 thing? It's horrible but yet it's funny bcause u fail again! XD
his phobia over HAUNTED HOUSE~
whyyyy Tego?
u hate ghost but not the highest Bungee Jumping in the world??
his reaction when enthuthiastically explaining something~
XD uaa~ u're cute Tego!
his words~
which one's couldn't expect from self-centered person like him :)
to end the picspams session
he is selfcentered ero oujisama that will always be my Ichiban~
he brings me into Jpop and into this fandom~
I'm glad I know Yuya~ ^^

ok, I should stop~
I'm picspamming his picture too much!
I'll be doing the picspams on twitter the whole day tomorrow~ ^^
and listening to Tegomasu Songs 24 hours! :D

gif and pictures are not mine~
credits given to the owner~ :)
[click on the pic if the gif not working!]

so, last one~
gudluck dear!! as tegomasu~!
u're doing great now!
tomorrow, Tegomasu's tour gonna be attended by KoyaShige!
it's new NEWS~ kyaa~! XD

and of course as the new NEWS also~ ^^
ganbare yo!
I'll keep supporting u guys wholeheartedly~ :D

once again~


with that, my phone is turning one year now~! :D
I'm buying my current phone on Tego's birthday last year~ ^^
I'm such a crazy fangirl~
[it's coincidence btw]

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