Sunday, March 13, 2011

> StudyWeek + Japan + Johnnys

it's STUDY WEEK~!!! >_<

to aleza: 
please focus! please focus! please focus! 

to everyone:
GUDLUCK GUYS~!! we meet at clinical years kayhhh! ^^


Everyone knows kan? Tsunami n Earthquakes in Japan..
how can negara yg paling maju bleh msnah skelip mata je.. more than a half of japan is affected..
and the only answer is Its Allah wills.. it is clearly expressed that Allah can beat anything..
[not only this.. there are more b4]
ok ppl.. it's time for you guys to opens your eyes~
"Allahumma 'afini fii basari~" 

i'm praying hardly for ppl in Japan~
i just hate myself for only able to say repeatedly 'poor japan..poor japan..' but not been able to help them :(
and i freaked out over knowing that Sendai is affected where Hikaru's family is there..
here-> stated that Hikaru's house is totally finished by tsunami~ poor hikaru :'(  i just can't imagine his feeling~ [hikka ganbatte ne~ keep holding on! really hope ur family is fine! T_T]
even worst I went into a gloomy phase when hearing JUMP members are only RUMORED to be save than NEWS members that already confirmed save..[my housemates get irritated over my attitude~]
some members are injured but they are safe~ [its says Yabu, Yamada, Dai, Yuto n Tegoshi are having minor injury~]

and for peoples in Japan~ KEEP HOLDING ON!!
for those who lost their beloved ones~ BE STRONG!!
[Al-Fatihah for those who left us~]

Let's pray for them! 

[p/s I: sorry guys.. they were like someone that i knew soo well..that's why i freaked out like crazy..
so please bear with me? :(]

[p/s II: i should worrying more bout my exam! =_=" 
~ok, let's pass all module n go to 3rd year without reseating any papers~ ganbatte leez!! ^^]

[p/s III: will lock my laptop awaaaaaayyy from my sight~
so, there will be no updates for a loooong tym! i'll peek my blog by phone later~ :)]

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