Friday, October 28, 2011

[JMovie] GANTZ

**WARNING: This entry might contain spoilers.. if u hate spoilers, u can click the 'x' button above~ tq :)**


a puuurrfect movie~! :D
who doesn't watch yet? I suggest it highly! ^^

I know I'm late~ I just found the link to dL this movie and has already watched this movie twice! :D

it gave the same feeling as Death Note Movie, three of it~ Death NoteDeath Note: The last Name and DN3: L Change the World

these two movies (or should I say 5?) has become my ultimate super favorite movie in my entire life so far~ ^^ (soo exaggerating~)
GANTZ came next to DEATH NOTE~
maybe because they got Matsuyama Kenichi in both? ermmm~ maybe~ ^^
MatsuKen sugoii ne~ my favorite actor, my forever L~! <3
but y'kno~ I like Kei Kuruno character than Masaru Kato in GANTZ~
oh, simply because it's my Nino~ hoho~ ^o^
no, no Ninomiya-kun was soooo great in this! he such a great actor isn't?~ no wonder he got soo many awards~ hoo~ way to go dear! ^^

oh, I don't read the Manga~ neither the anime(it's so XX! I hate it~)
and I know that I won't in the future~ :D
so, don't ask me about what is Gantz and how the manga goes~ ^^

btw, I'm posting few screencaps from this movie..
if u find this as spoilers~ don't proceed~ :)
it's my favorite scene from the movie~

from GANTZ
haha~ sou~ sou~
neen make a good cosplayer ever! :D
[pic taken from google]
Nino with Kanata Hongo~
wooo~ sutekiiii~ (^,^)
all fighting scene~
chooo kakkoii yo!
although I'm a lil pissed with arrogant nino kurono keii~ @@
"suki nan desu!"
kyaa~ sooo sweet~ ^^
[screencaps are taken from raw vid, bcoz I'm using softsub]
don't mess with serious neen~
u'll regret it~
haha~ ^^ mecha kakkoi na!

from here.. the screencaps are from GANTZ: PERFECT ANSWER

another scene from Kurono Keii and Kojima Tae~
aww~ I love seeing them toogether..
so cute! ^^
gif not mine! ^^
I forget where I got this~ gomen!
that awkward moment when ppl look at u with the "uwaa~ cosplay da!"
when the fact is u got aliens to kill~ @@
swords fighting~!!!! :D:D
sugoii yo! I love this scene soo much~ ^^
I love the 2nd GANTZ where they use lots of katana
[just like in Bleach! I looovee it! :D] 
and THIS!!
OMG~ Nino and MatsuKen sugoiii yo! choo kakkoi! >.<
"Tae-chan, mou.. kaero?" [Tae-chan, let's go home?]
uwaaa~ soo sad! T_T
uhuu~ I did cried watching this~ T_T
and I kept saying "ninomiya-kun, nakanaideee~  T_T"
ohoho~ here it comes~ ^o^
Full Points
Please choose from the full points menu"
that's the translation :)
"Kurono-kun. Arigatou"
ehem! that's the end of GANTZ picspams today!! yay~ ^^
wanna know the end?
I will not spoiled it here~
but for me, it's a PERFECT ANSWER~ ^^

sooo, now! watch this movie! hayaku! :D
U won't regret it~ :)

p/s: know what? I don't like Nino's new hair :( 
but he still handsome with it! he appears to be much cooler! 
so, I approved! :D

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