Friday, October 14, 2011

[PV] Arashi - Lotus (fakelyric)

this is tooo funny!

Arashi getting pissed at magazine which thinks they are too old to be in cover page magazine~ XD
it's a FAKE LYRIC! remember yah.. it's just some of the Arashian do it for the sake of their beloved~ ^^

"Just because Ohno's 30, doesn't mean all are 30"
haha~ EPIC! XD

oh btw, the TRUE LYRIC is here (Lyric & Translation) :)

**click on the gif if it doesn't work!><**
they doesn't look even more than 20 with the pose like this!


Naddyamal said...

haha I think that issue happens at the time of lotus..I was also pissed of at that time XD

Aleza Omar said...

haha~ really?
i didn't know that~
**talking to herself: aleza, u juz know arashi doesn't u~ >_< ah~ yeah ^^"

btw, Arashi saikouu desu! :D
love their personalities~ ^^