Sunday, October 2, 2011


were you happy today?
yeah I am! :D

I can't go to UUM to watch my bro convo... :(
maaa~ it's okay! it's good for my study week! :D :D
my dad said I should study! D:

I'm tired today~
thinking of all the books and topics that need to be covered~
huaaa~ serabutt!! DX the palpitations never ends! 
scared to face my first clinical exam~ :(

don. don. don.
raise up leez! ^^

ok, it's only my nonsense babbles 
sorry for making u read this entry~ hope it'll release ur tension! haha~ :D

to my big brother Jamal who's gonna be graduating tomorrow:
pasnie blanje ur sweet lil sista nih!
u added a new picture frames in the house :)
lpas ni org plak~ *that wuld be 2 and a half yr later...amin!*
make sure u give me big teddy!! I'll claim! XDXD

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