Sunday, October 16, 2011

girls day out~!

yesterday was a girl day out~! yey~!! :D
I have lots of FUN! I mean REALLY FUN! ^^

we go out at 9.30 am and came back at 12.30 am! haha~
sooo long ne?

thanks to kak Alun, Ain and Fairuz~

okeh, lets start with J-Fest 2011~
although we spend like 3 hours in the train, getting shocked at how surprise we were when there is no taxi to go to the venue (it's near actually, we just walked ^^), and that awkward moment of meeting cosplayer of unknown anime XD~ haaaa~ but it's FUN! really! ^^ it was my first time actually~ :)

let the pics do the talking kayhhh~! ^^
we eat so many things...
yakisoba, sushi n onigiri~ XD
ah~ so many na?
I plan to get bigger! :D

lot's of cosplay!! :D
this is Amane Misa (Death Note) and Hatsune Miku cosplayer~
they did a competition but these 2 are not involved~ :)
fangirling with NEWS uchiwa~!!! I love this! :D
NEWS booth was opened by Malaysian NEWS fan :)
and thanks to them, I get a chance to take picture with NEWS goods!
**I can't buy :( one uchiwa will cost me about rm50++ u know?~ :'(

upper is me with my ichiban TEGOSHI! I love this uchiwa, it's from Live3 concert~ ^^
besides is me and kak alun with the new NEWS! we'll keep supporting them! :D
below, us with our beloved ichiban <3,
me with former member NEWS *I stil love RyoP u kno? ^^
and fairuz with YamaP, the only one she likes~ :P
soooorry to Ain! I don't have photo of u in my phone~ :(
well, Ain was with RyoP~ ^^
yukata session dess~
I looked so wierd! XD
hazukashi dakara~ >_<
this is all the senpais which opens NEWS booth~
do join our group in FB~! here^^
I wish I could have that poster~ XD so big naaa~
NEWS goods not for sale though~
but there is other JE poster for sale~ :)
that's story from J-fest~ ^^
then we gone back to KL and went to KLCC~
Ain had to back home unfortunately~ :(

what we do in KLCC, we get to eat dinner with Pizza Hut and then watched movie~ :D
at first we decide to watch a horror movee~ but due to "scready-cat" attitude of mine, we cancel~ :D haha~ gomen! I can't take horror movee >_< **tego-kun mitaii~
we watch this movie-->

my favorite character! Max!
so cute, sooo squishyyyyy~! ^^
after movie, we gone back~
the movee start at 8.50 pm and finished about 11.15~
we gone back by the last train~ >_<

okay guys!
that's all the story of the girls day out!
I'm going back tomorrow~
well, I may or may not updating from my home~ :)
till then, jya! happy holidayy guys! [only applicable to UKM medic students year 3 XD]

going for a sushi tomorrow~ wuhuuuuu~ XD


Naddyamal said...

sounds fun

Nurul Ain said...

nanti kiter pergi j-fest yg lgi besar punye.hehe. tdi nmpk event ni kluar dekat ntv7

shazwanazizan / wanblur said...

x ajaok.. hehe

Aleza Omar said...

to naddyamal:
hee~ sugoku tanoshi dess~! :D

to Nurul Ain:
haaa~ jom! nex tym msti bgamba ngn cosplay~ XD
btw, nk mntak ain emel kn gamba2~
pstu nk emel ain skali.. nk anta gamba2 pakai yukata tu~ :))

to wanblur:
haha~ x nk tanye~ XP

Naddyamal said...

haha ble plak yg ntv7 pnya tu? seriously hope I can go~~

Nurul Ain said...

eh lpe plak t jap eh mlm ni bru emelkan dekat aleza. sronok brcuti lpe plak..hehehe dkat email tu nanti de email ain aleza bg jek kat ctu.

alun said...

huhu~~~ seronok dpt nek train 3 jam.. XO
gamba ngan uchiwa pling best..hope lps ni diorg akn wat concert lg..nk beli uchiwa shige!haha
btw,i'm planning to buy TM kne tggu JPA la..haha XPPP

Aleza Omar said...

to Naddyamal:
JOM! next time kte g ek! :D the bigger one!
ah yg ntv7 tu xtau lak sbb x tgok kat tv~ tp diorg kate ade~ ^^

to Nurul Ain:
I'm still waitingggggg~ ^^ haha~
take ur time k~ don't mind~ :D

to kak Alun:
I want it toooo~!
nk uchiwa tego~! XD btw, kalo kak lun nk beli roger2 ek~ ^^ hee~
I'm still searching for con goodies... it's soooo expensive and the worst is, I don't know how to buy! D: