Friday, October 21, 2011

Hey! Say! JUMP - Beat Line

I've been waiting to write this entry since study week~
but it's study week right? and it's exam week following that~
ok, that's a lie.. I'm just simply lazy to search links~ ^^

It's JUMP dayoo~ ^o^/
it's been awhile since I'm posting about Jump ne?
well, here you go!
BEAT LINE~ the B-side from their latest single Magic Power.
**which is waaaaaaayyyy better than Magic Power~ 

This is one of the performance in Shounen Club 7Oct'11

Lyric and Translation: HERE

This is the reason why I love JUMP~
that cool, tiring and hot dance step! they sync together~
maybe there is too many of them..
seeing 10 people dancing seems soo cool isn't~ *or am I the only one who feels that?=\
[owh, don't mind Johnny-ojiisan biasness towards Yamada. I'm also sick of it =_="]
JUMPers~ nine of them [missing ryuuu T_T] were soooo kakko-kawaii! [*that is Yuto-rin vocab: kakkoi and kawaii~ :)]
I wish I could dance..
my favorite part is when Keito and Inoo get their spotlight! yay!! :D [oh, don't mind Yuto.. he got solo dance aldy ^^] they are playing percussion? instead of guitar and piano this time~ :))
**onee-chan proud of you~ :D

this time around.. my YabuHika is reading letter to each other! :D:D
uwaaa~ I'm sooo happy! >_<

Hikaru to Yabu:
"Even amongst the other JUMP members, you have a special presence to me, Yabu"

they end with a small wish~ basically it's Hika wish to continue making songs for JUMP where Hika compose the songs and Yabu write the lyric.
yes! please do YabuHika~ I love your song sooo much! and please stay duo~ ^^ **InooBufans,dontkillme

last pic~ just because I'm biased~ :P aishiteruyoyabukunnnnn!


Naddyamal said...

love the song too~!! have been in my playlist since study week~~!! stumbled upon it in LJ I think XD

but, never listen to magic power..maybe I'll try it too

Aleza Omar said...

Beat Line is awesome kn! once dengar, stuck in ur head for d whole day~ ^^
btw, magic power is some childish and cute song.. it's for The Smurf movie (in which, Yamada and Chinen voice-actored Clumsy and Brainy).