Thursday, March 3, 2011

> lunch with pbl7~! ^^

last tuesday ktorg pbl7 gi mkn kt kenny rogers..
and for me, it was the first time~^^

dah nk abes sem 4 dah pn... all PBL session pn ktorg da habis..
after this, we're gonna be at clinical years.. we got 6 sems to go!
so, that means, this PBL were the last PBL on pre-clinical year [hopefully, Insyaallah! amin! ^^] 

ok, mule cerite,
actually ktorg cadang nk g mkn kat chilis before.. but then x jadi..
nk tau sbb pe x jd gi situ??.. sile KLIK SINI.. u'll know why~ :)
then ktorg pn pegi je TS tu tnpe hala tuju~ [haha~ seriesly x pena wat cmni ble 10 org jln reramai tp tataw ke mane! XD]
so jln2 dlm TS tu jmpe la si kenny ni~ then trus decide mkn kat situ~
after mkn ktorg g SHOPPING!! :D
of course la yg the guys x ikut kn~ kami girls 4 org saje g 'window' shopping [x beli ape pn.. haha~ :D]
at first mau men bowling, but certain ppl ade keje.. so x jadi~
it's okay~ we got next time [maybe?]

ok, tataw cite pe dah..
meh tgk gamba~ :D

inilah si kenny yg kmi mkn! yummy~! ^^

yea~ mkn! mkn! mkn! :D
[mkn byk tp tamau besha~ ishhh! X(]

window shopping!! :D
did u guys notice?
x cukup org an?
haha~ actually, ini je yg berade dlm henfon kte..
gamba beramai2 ade dgn org len~
this the only big group pic that i have ;)

kawaii desho?? :D

kuma-chan for everyone~!! :D
this kuma-chan wuld be our best memories for the last PBL in year 2~
everyone got different kuma-chan~
and kuma-kuma tsebut actually hadiah dr kami ber-4 : me, nabillah, tiah and iela~
hope our pre-clinical year wuld truly end this march~!
and i want to meet u guys in next may in HUKM as a clinical student!

let's do our best guys~

[p/s: ade org ckp kte cm dak kechik~ noooooo! :'O]

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