Monday, February 28, 2011

> Anime Wallpapers

first of all..
some addition for yesterday's post..
ok, it's always been like that.. i will like 1 sec happy and next second i'm sad..and i hate that feelings!!
well, its normal for me.. and dont tell me why.. i can't tell others about it..[there is certain things that ppl can't share right?]
even i there is life-trust frens and naqibah yg sgt baik pn.. still.. i can't..
again, i hate how i can't talk and share what i felt..
and even if i share.. it's not sumthing that i believe they can do anything about it~
and.. sumtimes i'm glad that i'm here.. away from it.. 
and having a single room do really helps me~^^

ok, moving to real entry... 
i don't like emo post~ [but label for 'down' already exceed 'happy' huh? errr~]

today's topic: ANIME WALLPAPER~!! yey~!! ^^

i've been missing anime so much lately..
da lme x tgok anime dah..[since dpt hobi bru=johnnys! :D]
follow up bleach n naruto pn terkandas..
mau smbung bace lpas ni~ yey~!! ^^

ok, tamau cite psl anime pn..
cume mau post anime wallpapers that i like :)

ok... here it is... se no! ^^[ready go!]

my first love~ Uchiha Itachi~!! ^^

all time favorite~ BLEACH! :D

favorite scene from clannad~ :))

tsubasa chronicles~ soooo sweet~!!! :3

2nd love? hee~ Ichimaru Gin!^^

guess who? its IchiRukia~!! my fave pairing! :D

blood+.. cho kakkoii~ ^^ love this!

its kuran family~! from vampire knight :)

love this! Haruhi Suzumiya~! ^^

last one~ fave couple ever~! yuuki and kaname-sama~!!

actually there is a LOT more.. i can't upload all that..
nanti my blog jammed plak~
so.. yg lain will be another time kayh~^^
till then, ja ne!^^

got to finish my work!
owryte, gambarimasu! :D

[p/s: will download K-ON! for the next holiday^^~ lme lg pn cutinye~ =_=]


Nurul Ain said...

aleza kita dah ade dah..HAhHHHHAHAHAHA
ari tu baru abis tgk tapi x dload lagi sson 2 die..wawawa

Aleza Omar said...

aiiiiinnnnn~~ [dgn pandagn pupy eyes~] heeee~ ^^

kte naaakkk!! :D