Saturday, February 26, 2011

> things that i've done during blogging

today's entry: things that i done when i blog~

ok, to be honest, kte tataw lgsung berblog nieh!
and to make it more sadist, actually i spend about more than 1 hours for an entry? [not all, but unfortunately most of it]

nk tau ape kte bwat?
[take note tat i start this entry at 11: 20 am]
first bkak blog.. pastu gi dashboard..then klik new post.. tlis satu ayat.. pastu bkk blog blik... tgok org len pnye entry.. yg da bace pn bkak blik~ [my fave blog wuld be persiap thun 2 bba pnye blog.. haha~ tataw crik ape kat situ.. same je pn tiap2 kali bkk~ =_=].. pastu gi kat new post tdi.. tataw nk tlis ape.. taip2 pastu delete blik~ [OMG.. what i've done?].. pastu dok bkk facebook.. [every 10 minutes?] pastu tgok new post blik.. pastu taip2.. in dilemma nk tlis malay or english.. tlis malay ayat bterabur! tlis english grammar salah! [aishh =_=].. ok smbung taip2 balik..pastu rase "ok kot".. then edit2 sket..pastu cri gamba comey2.. gamba dlm simpanan x best.. gi google... setaun kmudian.. bru dpt gamba.. upload.. then edit lg.. preview plak.. ok siap!


[emm.. baru sje mngambil rehat yg panjang slame 10 mnit~ :D]
ok, smbung...
i'm not as good as any other blogger cm green apple, maria elina, ben ashaari.. n ramaiiii lg la.. x larat nk taip..
smestinye jauuhhh beza ngn diorg kn~
mcm ain.. kte pn jeles tgok blogger len can freely typed what they feel.. i can't even put my i-don't-know-what-it-calls into words..

and see.. i use rojak words~ T_T
someone before tells me like this: "aq dah tgok blog ko dah.. dlm englishh kowtt~!"
and i was like.." heeeee~ ^^" [smile awkwardly with huge sweat]
sorry! sorry! sorry!.. i can't use full malay or full english
in malay... kte tak bleh bwat ayat dgn btul..
and if u guys tnye housemet2 kte.. diorg msti ckp kte tak reti bhse mlayu.. sume ayat disalah gunakn T_T
and i do slipped words means mcm tergagap nk ckp~
there is one time that i was about to slipped and what i say is " ahh, nk tersingkir" and "tersingkir?" supposed to be trsungkur kn?.. aigoooo~
also i do have problem in translating english to malay..
even worst.. the words that i want to say comes in japanese! i can't translate either to english or malay~ T_T
setaun kmudian bru terpikir mksudnye~ [i can't speak japanese obviously, but i can understand what they talk about, some of the time.. not always ye?]
so if ade org tnye suh explain medical prob..esp kpd non-med ppl.. i will like.. ermmm..[ok, u know it! tungang langgang ayat!]
arghhhhh~ tetibe igt kat cikgu heirwan [cikgu bhse mlayu fom 5 aka guru klas kmi].. tym dgn die kalo x dpt markah cm die target... i will be punished.. like kne jentik dahi n rotan dgn pen.. wuuuu~
maafkn saye cikgu~!!! >.<
tp kn..ckgu sgt best!! like the best teacher that i've got.. he's funny and caring~ :) [miss STMI sooo much!]

ok, stop la keterukkn kte mngunakn bhase mlayu..
and don't u guys ever think that i'm good in english..
owhh.. seriesly am bad in english..
i can typed [with full grammatical errors] but unfortunately i can't talk and communicate in english..
yeah.. i can.. but i cant! [ape niee?? =_="] whatever la eh? bwat2 pham je..

ok.. mcm pnjang plak entry arini..
and rasenye this is the first time i write about myself in serious manner.. [serious?]
ok, am not condemning myself.. watpe condemn sndri.. am proud to be myself! hee~

ok, ok.. dah lbih satu jam pon..
dah lezz!! dah!
and actually kn, i stop typing for about  10 times doing kerja smpingan like bkk fb.. bkk org len pnye blog.. tgok vid kjap..
ok dah2~ nk benti td kn?
ok, STOP!

[its 12:33 pm when i stop.. not include when i posted]

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