Thursday, February 17, 2011

> JUMP replace KoyaMaru?! i'd prefer KM^^

~this post is particularly a fan girling post.. if u don't like it.. please, please and please *3times please~ kindly move ur cursor to red x above... don't simply read then badmouthing me watever u want..i love Jpop and these guys... so what?!~

KoyaMaru gonna leaves Shounen Club~!! D:

*anyway Koya is Koyama keiichiro and Maru is Nakamaru Yuichi

both funny Nii-chan gonna grad from shounen club~ T_T
they were so good doing MC~
and Gekkan KoyaMaru segment will be vanish!! noo~ T_T

oh well, maybe johnny-san has a better plan for them..
it better be good than SC~! :D yeah, that's my demand!

SC gonna be taken over by Hey! Say! JUMP..
who's gonna take it? ten of them?!.. idk.. they said it was this three fellow who's gonna take it~

Takaki Yuya, Arioka Daiki and Nakajima Yuto.

well, i do love JUMP..
and to be honest i'm in JUMP fever right now..*still, NEWS numba 1! :D
Dai-chan is one of my favorite and Takaki is mimi favorite..
guess that shouldn't be a prob..

~heisei gonna replaced showa~
well, world is evolving aight? ^^

ok, enuf fo today.. i just got back from class...
my end module exam is on this monday~
goshh... i'm soooo not ready! D:

p/s: receiving 1st dose of hepB vaccine today.. it's hurt! i got two more!! :((


Nurul Ain said...

eh tapi maru still lagi dalam KATTUN kan...comel gileeee dia..wawa selepas kame la..ahaahahah..:))

Aleza Omar said...

i'd prefer ueda-hime for d cute 1 in kat-tun..haha~
n yep nakamaru still dlm KATTUN~
cume x jd mc tuk shonen club la~
x besh!T_T