Sunday, March 6, 2011

> neko-chan aka cats~

[translation: cats]

okay, i wanna talk bout CATS~
the adorable creatures ever! ^^

nape kucing? sbb i love them!
isn't they cute? soooo cute isn't?
who doesn't like cats? [beside Yaotome Hikaru HSJ please~]
talking bout hikaru, i don't understand why he scared of cats..
a cute guy afraid of a cute animal.. how cute! ^^
so much difference than his bestfreind Yabu Kota which love kitten the most~ ^^
hikaru: nyaaaa~! haha~ ^^ [he did that on shounen club show~ kawaii desho? :D]
~kawaii silly hikaru ^^

anyway, did u guys tegok video yg diorg duk post2 kat facebook?
the one that a tomboy which abusing a kitten~
so stupid! seriously...
and i didn't watch it though.. i just can't. kang banjir plak~
better don't sbb nti teringat2 smpai bwk mimpi... ngeee~ scary kayh!
ade jugak manusia sekeji tu hidup kat dunia ni ek?
it's a kitten kayhh!!
even Rasullulah s.a.w love cats the most out of any animals~
ok, i can't accept.. [wlupun x tgok vid tu]

stop with that.. x best la nk marah2 nih..
btw, here's some pics of my pets~ ^^

it's meaw and momo~!!
momo already leave us~ T_T [hope she's good in heaven :)]
for meaw.. she's good in home~ that girl is sooo big! and fluffy! ^^

it's a new generation from meaw~ :D
on the left: oren?? haha~ he has no name actually~ he's on top of my lap~
on the right: stokin! haaa~ cute kn? she's holding my hand~ ^^
below: its stokin and oochi! same mom but different era~ haha~ :D 

last one~
[nk jugak gedik ltak gamba sndiri an? haha~]
its me and oochii! look how scary oochii~:D
but at least die nk bgamba.. kalo meaw, huh sgt susa!
expected from a notty meaw~ ^^

haa~ that is my current pets aka my family members~
byk kn? hee~ :D
they were soooo adorable!
and please don't blame me if i get excited seeing a cat~ :))

[p/s: please give me courage to study!! T_T]


klg said...

ochii muka nk ganas..

Aleza Omar said...

haha~ oochi kn mmg gitu..
nk amek gamba ngn meaw die lari lak time ni~ =_="

klg said...

tp ochii baik..meaw tu bajet ratu cantik tmn tu yg eksen..ngurat batik x dilayan..hahaha...

klg said...

vid kejam tu pn aku xsanggup tgk...
ada lg vid lain..seksa arnab n anjing..

Aleza Omar said...

to kaklong:
oochi x de perasaan! haha~ :D

vid2 cmtu? ngee~ lagi sanggup tgok cite hantu dri tgok vid tuh.. diorg tu lg seram dr hantu kot!