Saturday, March 26, 2011

> along past 2 week

wuuu~ lme suda x apdet belog ini~ ;)

well, lots of things happens these day~
let's review back!

first.stressed exam
nothing much to comment. as always the tears fall again~ haiiih~!
tp theory ppr dah abes!! yey~! ^^
kte da brusaha, kte da bdoa.. next, tawakal + doa! :D

second.tsunami, earthquakes, radiation issues in Japan
my heart hurts everytime i came across this news..
no lies. mase study week, every 3 hours i will check hows the update..
how they've been? is they all ok? is their country stable? is the people get any help?
i even can't study properly and up to one stage, Allah finally answers me~ Alhamdullilah~ :)
mesti ade yg tertnye, knpe nk rsaukn diorg? they not even an Islamic country..
ok, do forgive me.. i've known Japan since i adore naruto, bleach, the tech and whatsoever in their country.
i learned everything bout Japan.. and u can see urself. lots of japan thing in this blog since the start. i got obsessed with them.
since then, i really reaaally want to go there. and even now, i reaaally reaaally hope that i'm there despite their current situation .. yeah, i'm not reliable, but i want to be there and support them! [ok, sorry for being so serious.. this is what i felt. sorry again] 

third. i've got what-it-calls-when-my-cousin-get-a-new-baby~!!! :D
new baby is a girl and the name is Nur Qalisah~
before, kte ade update psl weeding diorg~ ke SINI yup! ^^
ade 3 psgn kn? our Aunty cik Ann is waiting for her due~ hwaaaa~^^
got sooo much babies this year! :D
and the most important is my first niece/nephew! waiting excitedly over my sis baby.. it should be this month or early next month~ waaaaaa~ x shaba! :D

forth. OSPE/OSCE papers this tuesday
ok, this is the exam where we need to touch patient, touch wetty cadever, get headache looking in the microscope, get even more headache to differentiate cells in the picture provided and get nervous for every 4 minutes! =_= huah!
ok, got to study for this! ganbare leez~!! hwaiting! ^^
let's do our best guys! hoping that this would make big addition to my theory papers.. amin!
GOOD LUCK!! :D we shall meet in clinical years next may! :))

fifth. waiting impatiently over 1months [is it gonna be less?] holiday!!
hwaahhh~ its holiday everyone! ok, not yet... =_=
and it should be 1 months if i dont have to reseat any papers [ameen!]
i have so much things to do.. and one of it~ my liscence! [lame gile bwat lesen! haih~ =_=]

ok..ok.. dah dah leeza~
gi study sane!

ok bye minna~! :D

before that, lets hear this song NIJI (Rainbows) by Aqua Timez

its an old song, but hearing words "daijobu" [trans: its ok] makes me calm over things that happen~ :)
arigato ne, Aqua Timez! :) 
now, their songs bcome my favorites.. oh, they are not Johnnys ok.

the lyrics and translation is HERE ok~! :)

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