Thursday, August 19, 2010

> Excessive Sleepiness

just now i done a quiz on
so, heres the result::

Is Sleepiness Hurting You?

Assess the impact of sleepiness on your day.

Your answers indicate that excessive sleepiness may not be a major problem in your life, but it is a concern at times. Maybe you aren't getting consistently good sleep, and you'd like to increase the odds of sleeping restfully, despite your sometimes hectic schedule.

Like exercise and a proper diet, sleep is important to your health. Research shows that people who get insufficient or disrupted sleep are more prone to developing high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and depression.

Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Contrary to popular belief -- and wishful thinking -- the body doesn't learn to adjust to less sleep. If you're getting less shut-eye than you need, your thinking, work performance, reaction time, and other functions will become impaired. You may get headaches. You may also feel cranky, lethargic, and even depressed.

If you work a night shift or rotating shifts, you're particularly prone to problem sleepiness because your work schedule conflicts with strong, sleep-regulating cues, such as sunlight. You may find it hard to sleep during the day, especially when the rest of your household is awake and busy.

If your sleepiness worsens, or you find yourself developing insomnia, talk to your doctor about whether lifestyle changes might help, or whether you need medical treatment to help you feel awake when you need to be alert.

~kte amik quiz ni bcoz lately kat kuliah sgt mengantuk
sgt3 x suke~!! :(
i just can concentrate about 30 minutes and then i will lose my focus~
kecian kat pensyarah~ totally gomenasaiii~!!! X_X *bows
somehow i cant control it~
i think i got mild insomnia (ade yg mild eh??)

wondering how can i switch back my biological clock??
any suggestion?? :))

anime sleep Pictures, Images and Photos
i do this when i was studying =_="

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