Sunday, August 22, 2010

> hapdet terkini :)

kte kembali lg ke blog yg usang ini~!!! :D

haha~ maaf ye blog sudah lame tuan mu ini tidak mnghapdet kamu~
kte sibuk sket (aleza omar tipu~~~~~~~!)

well, i got sooooo much work~
here d list, some of them already done :)

  1. MS proposal ~on progress......
  2. PPD proposal ~DONE!
  3. Lecture Notes ~err...too much to say. +_+
  4. Reflective Writing ~my handout is missing!
  5. MS lecture ~i shuld comment on this eh?
  6. PPI ~DONE!

out of 6 only 2 is done eh??
ishhh~ kte sgt pmalas kn~~ aiiiiii~ :(
my excessive-sleepiness-syndrome getting serious~~
my insomnia now extend to moderately severe~

got to do sumthing~
sgt berharap sumthing yg berkesan~~~
can't stand anymore~ kerje byk blmbak2~ adeii~ =_="

owryte, enuff for my syndrome~
now kte berjaye menginfluence mimi utk meminati clannad~~ yey~! ^^ haha like2~

they were soooo cute kn? ^^
this is my desktop wallpaper~ heeee~ =]
*will tell bout clannad after story later*

p/s: going for an iftar d k1 just now~besh~!
rndu sungguh surau A + D
can stay until terawikh je (like having terawikh wit frens :))..
ceramah x pat ikut :(
sedey kn..kami kne balik plazarah awal, nti ade org kaco...ngeeeee~
unless kalo ade yg nk antakn bleh ja...hahah~
*no one will leeza~ heh ;p*

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