Thursday, August 12, 2010

> Fever Relapsing

~aleza omar is a future doctor which hate to go to a clinic and hate to take her medcine~

hahah~ pdn muke fever da relapsed~ ngeeeee~~

kedegilan utk tidak ke clinic mnyebabkn fever dtg blik...wuwuwu~~
really make my mood bad la...
nk tlis blog pn malas dah...haihh~~~ =_="
** i kept typing but never post it...

puase dlm kadaan dizzy + worsening cough + flu~ sgt mnyeksakn kn?sick Pictures, Images and Photos
and i was dehydrated....
but still, a fast to me is an enjoyable thing todo. :))

ok, tomorrow will be back to KL...
mnghabiskn my CVS yg banyaaaaaaaaak lg nih~ haih~
**i really cant study at home..dpt study sket je..ish3~

looking forward for a great fast with housemates :)
means today is d last day for me to berbuka kt uma... :(
*for a time being la...but akhir2 pose nti blik la uma blik an? :))

ok, got to top up my CVS~
aja~aja leeza~!!! :D

p/s: like my new template...hahah~ i likeeeee~!! (^^,)

^o^ Pictures, Images and Photosyap2 woooo~!!! ^^


Anonymous said...

Nice post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

akuwanblur said...

perasan ar aleeza nie.. kan dah kata.. mesti recureence nyer.. x nak caya...

Aleza Omar said...

to anon:
i dont think i put any information there....
well, whatever it is~ thanks~!!!^^

to wan:
wawa~ btul ko kte aq dmm blik... iskk3~ =P