Sunday, December 11, 2011

medcine oo medcine~

uwaaaaa~ PANIC!!!!

my short case for Medicine posting is on Tuesday next week~

pleaseeee pray for me!
I'm scared of failing! huaaaaa~

sooooo manny to learn! D:

otchisukenasai Leez!!
ganbarimashou yo~! ^^

okay, to others as well~
especially my posting-mates: GUD LUCK GUYS!!!!

Tegomasu wishing Ganbatte! ^^

uwh! I can't wait for my JKM posting!
time please be faster~ 


oh yea~
sorry for the hiatus~^^"
I'm quite busy lately~(is it?)
I'll update the proper entry soon~ :)

aaaaaaaaand know what?
I'm hooked with Sakurai Sho~
OMG, doushiyou? D:
iya2~ dame2~ it can't be~
I must be faithful to Nino!! :D
Sho shall be my niban~ ^^

haha~ LOL
okay, i love Nino more~ XD

haaaaa~ gomen ne for this weird random entry....
I can't think~ @_@
my head full with physical examination..

hahaha~ ok, go study!
Ohno-kun says "go study n stop watching Arashi-related vids!"

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