Monday, December 26, 2011

[PV] ONE OK ROCK - RE:MAKE | Wherever You Are

ONE OK ROCK is a Jrock band~
more info: wiki

FYI: Alex is no longer a member~

now, I'm addicted to their songs bcause of Moruichi~^^"
Moruichi Takahiro was a former member of NEWS..
he left NEWS after appearing in only one songs that is NEWS debut song, NEWS Nippon~
then, he disappear.. I only know he is in band from a friend~ just recently~ ^^"

he was called Moruichi in NEWS..
but in ONE OK ROCK he is called Taka~ ^^
he got a great voice~

ja, now the song~
I love this song the most! <3


full lyrics --> HERE

someone making this songs as Naruto opening~ so great and match perfectly!:)

another one~
ONE OK ROCK - Wherever You Are

Lyrics--> on the vid~ :)

his english were good ne~ 
better than mine ~ ^^" 

I'm going back to KL and to Tanjung Karang tonite!
yea~ will celebrating New Year making surveys n field works~ T_T
[I can't watch Johnnys Countdown concert~~ :((]
yoshhh~ ganbare Leez!! \:D/

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