Wednesday, December 21, 2011

starting JKM posting

currently I'm in Tanjung Karang~!!! :D :D
now, in JKM posting~

and how should I say? It's totally different with other clinical posting!
well, now I'm still adapting~
everything seems to be fine~ :)

I've got SB group~ (Sabak Bernam)
we're doing our survey this Friday~ 
and my ticket going back to Muar is on 8pm Friday~
so, what should I do??

with our new friends! ^^
alamak, ade yg x tgok cam ><

p/s: I thought I couldn't online here.. 
but I'm very fortunate enough to be in Block C 
where internet connection is possible~ :)


Naddyamal said...

dibah, mimah, mira~!!

Aleza Omar said...

ade lg afeena~
die x tgok cam.. haha~ XD