Sunday, December 18, 2011

Warisan Mesra

it's dinner Warisan Mesra~!!

yay! ^^

okay, overall sume best!
although it should have line buddies from year 1 till year 5..
but I only have year 1 and me, year 3 only~ *sigh :(
well, what to do, everyone else got another comittment~ it can't be helped.

yeah, I admit it's not as grand as WM when I was 1st year before..
but it's worth to fill these memories as part of my life as med student~ ^^
I got to see my junior too! ^^

okla~ no need to type byk2~
xde sape bce pn.. hehe~
now, the pictures~ ^^

all gorgeous girls from 3rd year~ ^^
picture credit to Intan Sab~
with my beloved buddy junior~! :D
I hate that the fact my junior buddy looks more matured than me~ 
uwahhh~ ><

ok dah... tu je~


wanblur - Shazwan Azizan said...

aleza awet muda. need matured more.

Aleza Omar said...

haaaa~ xpe~
nmpk lebey comey~ uhuk! haha~ XD