Thursday, April 21, 2011

[春|夏|秋|冬] ~ Lets get through 4 seasons with NEWS!

since we're in Malaysia, so we can't experience 4 seasons..

so, let's just experience it through songs k~ ^^
[more accurately, with NEWS members! yay! :D]

this idea taken from DVD NEWS unplugged.
where they are basically sings these songs below..
with a live band~ yeahh, like it~! ^^

the actual stage they performed~ :)

ok, first let's get through SPRING / HARU []
where flowers blooms beautifully ~^^

NEWS - Sakura Girl
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full lyrics and translation: HERE

NEWS experienced break up on spring~ sooo sadd~ T_T
but, the song is nice n cute! like it~!^^

after spring passes, the hotness of SUMMER / NATSU [] came~!
summer which full of festivals[matsuri]~!^^
should I added Tanabata Matsuri songs by tegomasu? [no need]

NEWS - Summer Time
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full lyrics and translation: HERE

so, in summer NEWS get to fall in love again~~ ^^
how sweet! :D
should see their PV, so funny~! so childish news.
[unfortunately, the PV is not on utube, u've got to dL them, or get it from me~! ^^]

after summer, there will be AUTUMN / AKI []
where leafs fall and turns to brown~

NewS - Aki no Sora (Unplugged)
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full lyrics and translation: HERE

NEWS in fall season remembers back memories of their love~
I love this songs.. but no PV though~

and as end of the four seasons, there's WINTER / FUYU []
where snows fall so whitely and calm~

NEWS - Snow Express
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full lyrics and translation: HERE

in winter, NEWS in love~ aww~ ^^
same for any other song, I love it! ^^
no PV too~ 

that's the four seasons..
I hope I could live in Japan and experience the seasons itself~^^
[ok, in ur dream leez! =_=]

i've been dying to make this entry..
the idea pops out looooong time ago.. and now, finally~^^
ok, enjoy the songs kayh! ^^

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