Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's been 5 days I'm on holiday~

and I'm in my hometown right now~ ^^
so sorry that I'm not updating my blog right after the holidays start just like before..

I'm just simply lazy~ haha! -.-" **dushhh! ><

so, the result will be out the day after tommorow... on thursday~
OMG~ I'm so scared~ D:
it's either fail or passed...
either no holidays or 1 month holiday~ -.-
ok, I'm freaking out when thinking about the result DX

holidays plan?
I can't make one now since I'm scared to know what my result..
I just hang out with my usrah-mate after the exam~
when we heading back.. in a taxi, we got that "bad news"
oh well, medical student UKM, all of it knows what the "bad news" is -.-
we've been cursing membebel all the way back until the pakcik taxi couldn't say anything..
he just saying... "pakcik diam je sbb pakcik nk dengar luahan student2 ni... nasib la kan"
haha ^^"

even it's not involving me...
to re-exam back is just so hard~ :(
well, I can't say anything except to keep encouraging them~
to my half of the batch~
gudluck kayh! it's tomoorow~!
keep fighting, it's a second chance guys!

especially to my ushrah-mates: mimi, iera and kak zati~also to Ain who's always stalking reading this blog~ ^^
it's okay to re-osce back, Allah has a better plan~ :)


what I'm doing right now are watching Jdoramas, learning Japanese and learns to cook different dishes!

as for JDoramas~ currently I'm watching Risou no Musuko, Lucky 7 and Mother (old drama Starring Mana-chan)
I'll make the review later when I had finished all the dramas kayh! ^^

(I know I shouldn't be using all hiragana letters! ><)
ahaaa~ as for learning Japanese, I'm using this book:

already in Chapter 2 and keep progressing!!
learning Japanese is so much fun! it's a bit hard though without a teacher -.-"
fun when u have the interest~ I hope I was like this when learning medicine =3=

I'll update when I have the feeling to~ haha XD

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