Tuesday, February 14, 2012


it's my sis birthday~
but I'll talk later in another post..

my tummy hurts soo MUCH!
since 8pm until now... no less even a bit!
n I tried to sleep for 2 hours thinking that it would dissapear..
but hell NO! I can't even sleep! >__<

and of course, being a medical student..
I'm ruling out the possabilities of diseases that I could had.

first: gastritis.
yeah, I'm skipping lunch today, but I ate dinner! n it occurs 2 hours after I ate dinner~ :(

so then it's a food poisoning!
no........ I don't have diarrhea n vomitting~

oh, so then it must be a PMS!
it's not the time yet la~ -.-

help me. I had taken painkillers already and it still the same T_T
n I've been crying because of the unbearable pain!
I don't even study since 8pm bcoz I can't stand the pain~
I hate u belly! :'(

if the pain continues, I'm gonna go to clinic tomorrow~ :(

1 comment:

SyUhAdA said...

alaa..kcian ko lex..jgn lupa g klinik ea..ko x rule out appendicitis lg tu..