Saturday, January 29, 2011

> Johnny's update

i am soooooo EXCITED~!!

1st because i'm home~!!!!! :D

and 2nd because new PV for TegoMasu's Aoi Bench is out~! yey~!~ ^^

for more info click HERE okayh~:)

here's the vid~

**awww~ they already claimed this vid..gomen ne~
it's always like that~ :(**


love this song soooooooo much~!

love tegomasu even more! :D <3<3

owh, 3rd thing is NYC boys gonna release new single~ yea!!:D
NYC saikoo desu~! ^^

for more info click here okayh~

ok that's johnnys update~
for my fave group only~ hee~ ;P

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