Thursday, January 6, 2011

> Gambare minna~! :D

domo minna-san~!!!!
minna ni Aleza desu~! ^^
*tgn ikut gaye tegoshi

*mode: tegoshi suki desu yoo~!!! :D

loook! kawaiii deshoo?? :D
yaaaahhh XD *fangirl mode~ ^^"
usa-tego Pictures, Images and Photos
tegoshi bias! ahah :D

*thats what happen when leeza talk about her obsession... gomen ne~
sorry for her reaction.bows :D

kte pegi objektif asal entry ini yep~^^

this monday i will have an exam~
End of Module Exam module Endocrine
*leez exam lg?? haha~ :D ~lumrah dak medic, nk wt cmne~ eheh~ ;P

so, i will not post anything for the meantime...
until monday at least..

*updet sinar bakti mane leez oiii~! D:

ahah! for sinar bakti, sile tunggu lg yep~^^
tooo many pic to be uploaded.. :D
so, tggu tym mse free yep! ;)

owryte! got to study! study! study!

yoshaaa~ GAMBARE~!!!! ^^

wish me luck yah!
pray for me to do the best kayh~! ^^

oh yap, wish for my coursemet:

let's get revenge for GIT module! :D

a song to boost up my spirit~ ^^
Hey! Say! 7 - Ganbare Let's Go

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