Sunday, January 23, 2011

> my header

new header~ :D

but it is not clear T_T
i don't know what to do?

first i uploaded this one:

the color is tooo emo..

so, i changed to this:

but the pic broke to pieces as above~ :(

then i turned to this:

cool~ i like :)
but unfortunately it broke even worst than b4~ aishh! T_T

so i decided to changed to d old one:

and i don't know why am i sooo unlucky today or just this blog making problem... the pic, again broke!
previously it was ok! but now it is not~~ T_T whyyy? why????!

then i just decide to take above header..
owell, idk what to do...
can anybody teach me~~~ pleeeaaaasee~ @.@ :(

p/s: recent header...semuanye nk news~ haha~ ^^

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