Friday, January 28, 2011

>finally, Holiday~


will be back tomorrow~ ^^ at 1 pm!
wait for me at 3.30 pm ok?~ ngeeee~ excited!

x bley excited lebey2~

i've got soooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH work okey!
i have PBL, hundreds of MES, thousands of reflective writings, and a looooooooooong CHC report..
...i'm dead.
ok, not! always put death at the end of complications, patient always can be saved (remember that! ^^ *that was our lecturer actually)
i'm exaggerating too much..

anyway, i have no JPJ test this holiday~ yey~!!^^ they want to celebrate CNY too~
so.... it's a GOOD news to me! yey~! *still taruma to take another test T_T

ok.. that is.
all i want to say actually HAPPY HOLIDAY and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR~!!

may this holiday remind me of the scary End Module Exam CNS after this..
ok, FIGHT for ur BRAIN~!!! let's study!

p/s: going to Times Square right after i post this~!!! ^^

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