Sunday, June 26, 2011

worst.weekend T_T

this is cray!

the worst-balik-kampung ever! =_=
huaaa~ DX

know what?
I came back home at 7.30pm on Friday.. together with my sis..
then my house hold a Kenduri-kesyukuran-scare-tibe2 on that sunday night..

I have to go back...
kalau diikutkn hati, there is no feeling of going back at all.. I just don't like being busy~
but, bcoz I had  put my family first.. and that's why...
so, here's the result~ worst weekend. T_T
it's not like that I'm not happy seeing my family... I am super happy.. but the worst part, we just can't avoid them~ Perancangan Allah itu lebih baik kn?

aaaaaaannnd.......the worst part is:
1 - going back home with no phone! can u imagine that? =_= stupid, stupid me! DX my dad called thousands times.. [ok, exaggerated ~]
so, sorry guys for not taking ur calls and replying ur msg this weekend~ I'm reaaallllly soory!! >_<

2- I have oncall this night... 7pm to 7am... and yet, now.. I'm still at HOME! >_< ... arghhhh~ that must be tiring later~ I hope I dont get sleepy~ oooh, I'm nervous! )X

3- I have two ward rounds tomorrow.... one for Green-team-grand-ward-round and the other one is specialist-ward-round... just thinking about it making me feeling nausea non stop~ with all the tremors and pallor~ I just can't describe how nervous I am right now~ =_='
I don't even cover my bed yet~! >_< haaaaa~ doshiyo? doshiyoooo?

4- with all the clumsiness I have now, I'm still willing to update my blog?! Aleza is really a KY huh? [what is KY? here]

okayhh... I'm off to KL now....
I should be ready with...... *silence

owell, let's just see what happen next~

kowaiiiiii yoooooooooooo~~~~ T_T

a quick glimpse of my Koppi~ ^^ it's from Music Station performance 24th june yester-yesterday [the day before yesterday]~^^
my Yabu got a new haircut~! ^^
love him to bits! :D <3

p/s: PV OVER-HSJ is out! ^^ haaaaa~ I'm excited!  :D


SyUhAdA said...

relax leza..
gudluck eh..

Aleza Omar said...

thanks syuuu~!! :D