Saturday, July 16, 2011


aaaahhhhhh finally~

finally I can update this blog!
[it was sssssoooooooo loooong isn't? =_=]

gomen ne minna T_T
I've been verryyy veeeerrryyy verrrryyyyyy busy lately!
my weekends just like any other weekdays~
I can't even update myself with Johnnys, with Transformers~

huaa~ I wanna see transformers T_T
like decades I've been waiting for it, and yet, when it already out, I can't even step out for a minute to go and watch it~ sooo depressing! :(

for my lovely Johnnys, I just don't wanna talk about what happen to HSJ, what happen to Ryutarou...
It breaks my heart to pieces... I hope everything would be well.. I hope? oh well... :(
let's just see what happens after his suspension..
well, I feel like throwing u out to the sea.. but I still love u Ryuu... *sigh :(

okay~ okay~
enough for the fandom world... back to real life..
it has been past 4weeks I've been in OnG posting~
overall, I've been nervous all the time~ ^^
but yet, it has been the most exciting as u are reaaallly close to the patient...
everytime I had to do a case presentation.. I had to start with "MY PATIENT, madam bla bla bla......"
stated as MY PATIENT and as for that, I should know everything about her and everything that happen to her..
eventhough I'm not the one that manage her, but still building rapport with them making me realize how important my PPD should be applied here.
and... to get non-cooperative patients is a common thing~ :) we shouldn't take it to heart~ appreciating a patient is doctor's job isn't?
okay, next week would be my 5th week and this OnG posting would end for me as in the 7th week~
I would miss a cute babies that I met all this while~ :(

whatever it is~ I should finish my Case write up sooon!
and this night, it's my turn for oncall~
I should finish up another few deliveries that I should conduct!
I hope all the unborn fullterm babies wanna see this cute sister this night! ganbaro leeza!! ^^

ok, stop here..
i shall update next time...
and I promise it won't be long intervals like this one~ ^^
gomen ne! sore ja, bye-bye ne~~! ^^

a life as a clinical medical student~


SyUhAdA said...

gudluck leza..
tkot la plak ak nk posting O&G nnti..mcm busy je..huhu~

Aleza Omar said...

haha~ x busy mne pn..
penat! huuu~ T_T

Nurul Ain said...

aleza berusahe2~~

Aleza Omar said...

huu~ mekaseh ain~! ^^