Tuesday, July 19, 2011


ye~ kte bertemu kembali~ heheh~ ^^

owryte~ this will be a quick, short and sweetie entry~
sorry ek..
I just want to inform everyone that my emel..
kawaii_lieza@yahoo.com is NO LONGER USED~
get rid of it if u ever add me on ym messenger~ I will not ever be online under that id~

my stupid account actually betrayed on me~ T_T sad isn't?
they are not accepting my password~ not accepting my id~
when I make a request to actually change the password..
this question appears..

click on pic for macro-sized ver.

aaaannnd yeah~ honeymoon?
gosh, what am I thinking at that time! why should I pick this question~~ T_T
the Q: where DID u spend ur honeymoon? DID? I'm not married yet laaa!! T_T
soo, okay~ let's just ignore why did I pick this Q ek? I must be halfly conscious at that time...

I did tried with some answer that familiar with me like:
Japan, Muar, Johor, Mekah............. [Muar, Johor? gile outdated!] and all of it failed~ T_T
I don't even know anywhere else that I could think of for my honeymoon apart from japan~
oh well, that emel just can't be saved anymore...

so guys... here's my new emel..
it will be my YM id~ so, add me on YM using this id kayhh~! ^^

ok, dah!
I want to cover things for my short case next week!
gosh, I'm soooo nervous! >_<

p/s: will update about Ouran Hostobu Live Action after this! 
for some introductory for this.. go to ain's blog~ ^^.. 
I will later update when I'm not busy eaaa~~ ^^


Nurul Ain said...

try japan, tokyo, NEWS, Tegoshi???..hahaha HSJ pun boley jugak.muahaha

Aleza Omar said...

err? thun 2009 x knl pn diorg lg~
tp dreams to be in Japan da mnggunung tggi da tym tu.. huhuu~

sume da cube, x boleh gak~! huaa~ DX