Sunday, July 24, 2011

First clinical exams

now.. it's time where the 6th and 7th weeks of clinical posting start to begins~

we got short case exams for the OnG postings....

special wish for my posting-mates~


i don't know mine yet..  T_T 
those who already knows theirs is when, 
ganbatte ne! ^^

guuuuu~ kowaiii yo! @_@

for internal meds student:

GOOD LUCK in ur short case and exam~!!!

for Surgery student:

GOOD LUCK in ur exam~!!
I'll be in this posting next 2 weeks! ^^

for JKM student:

GOOD LUCK with ur programs yahhh~!! ^^

ohh my~ :(
let's just study hard for those who's not eating apples ok?

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