Friday, July 22, 2011

Ikemen Desu Ne~

IKEMEN DESU NE ~ sgt sgt sgt sangaaaaaatt BEST!!! ^^

*baru saje habis tgok episode 1~
best n awesome! ^^ *for my hikaru especially~ heee~ :D

the drama quite fast compared to Korean but it doesn't effect the storyline at all..
and it even has different values to show ^^

A.N. JELL CD covers~
kakkoii neee~

fews screencaps~

ooohhh okay dah!
pegi STUDY sekarang leeza~!!! 
ish. ish. ish.!

[edit] p/s: A.N.JELL's director act like johnny kitagawa!! "YOU, ichanaiyo~" haha~! XD LOL!

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