Saturday, June 18, 2011

[J Drama/K Drama] Ikemen desu ne/You're Beautiful

it's da IKEMEN DESU NE trailer~! ^^
its the fan-trailer though~

"Ikemen Desu Ne" is actually a Jdrama remake from Kdrama "You're Beautiful"

You're Beautiful

 I had seen the Kdrama before... and it is super cute love story! ^^
and the OST is super best!^^

sooo, I'm looking foward for the Japanese version of You're beautiful..
it better be good since all the 3 members of ANJell is Johnnys~^^
[I'm being a bias!]

here's the main cast:
u can actually guess who is who~ ^^

Tamamori Yuta as Hwang Tae Kyung
Fujigaya Taisuke as Kang Shin Woo
Yaotome Hikaru as Jeremy
Takimoto Miori as Go Mi Nam/Nyeo
*of course, the name of the Japanese ver. would be different from this*

Tama-kun's hair is superrr cooolll~! >_<
[seriously different with his personality] but he is seriously handsome in this!^^
Fujigaya aka Taipii is so cute!
both Tamamori n Fujigaya is from kis-my-ft2 group..

Yaotome Hikaru... owell, no need to describe him..
he's bestfriend of my lover anyway~ [haha~ ok, perasan x bleh blah!]
Hikaru is from HeySay JUMP n he is my niban! means he is my second favorite in JUMP!^^
or should I say.. he hold the stage between number one and number two.. so, he is in 1.5 stage..
number one would be my only Yabu and number two would be my english boy Keito~^^

ok, gone tooo far enough from the title of this entry~ =_="

the drama will be aired in JULY~!
so, let's wait patiently over it!^^

[owhhh~ I can't wait!! ^^]

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