Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Clinical Basic month has ended!
the Family Day for our batch has ended!
and..... the camp PPD for 3 days has ended today!

okay~ all big events ended..
which meansss.... I CAN GO HOME TOMORROW~!!! ^^ yay~!

I got 4 days of holidays before my posting begins...
and the first posting would be Obstetrics & Gynaecology [OnG]
[wuuuhuuuuu~ I'm sooooo nervous! =_=] hope it'll be fine! yeah!

ok, tamaw taip byk2~
next update will be at my home kayh~
wait for it~!!! [ade yg nk mnunggu?? -_-' leez sgt perasan]

ok, bye!
I'll be back tommorrow for my dad's birthday~
gonna make him a surprise ~ ^^ hee~

p/s: ehem! my group wins for the most-exciting-creative [ok, exaggerated] best cheers during camp PPD~
yay for group 16~!! ^^ [lengang kangkuuuuung~~ haha~] :D

p/s II: addicted to HeySayJUMP new song- over~ [soooooocoooolllll~~ >.<]

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