Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Special Birthday entry

ah~ its 19th June~~
it's my Birthday then.. ^^

ok, Happy Birthday to me~!! yay~!^^

selangkah menghampiri kematian~ hmm hmm~ *nods :)

can I post a song for myself?
it's a birthday song sings by my most favorite group in the universe~ NEWS!

ok, I take them as the very first person to wish my birthday~^^

the chorus:

umareta koto Oh~
deaeta koto Oh~
ima soba ni ireru koto arigatou
ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi

the translation:

For being born
For being able to meet you
That I can be by your side now, Thank you
A magical, special day that happens only once a year

full lyrics and translation: HERE

oowhhhhh.....this is why I love NEWS sooo much~!
arigatouuuu~!!!!! ^^

I'm not expecting anything today..
the thing that I should do immediately is.. changing my standard-six-picture-identitycard -_-'
I am now matured enough to accept the fact that I'm turning twenties~
owell, time always runs fast~
for the past 20 years... I hope I had been a good girl to my god, parents, teachers and friends~ ^^

ehem! dikesempatan ini juge, kite nk wish to my dearest parents for their birthday on the same month as me~ ^^

First is my dad~
it's on 16th June..
dear Abah, Happy belated birthday.. 
sorry for going back home without telling u first~ 
in the end, I failed to surprise u~ T_T
owell, its' ok... 
thanks for feeding and raising me this past 21 years I had lived...
I'll sure myself to work hard for ur sake~ ^^
and.. sorry for always making u worried of me for unreasonable reasons all this while~ T_T~

then, its my mom~
it's on 5th June
dear Mak~ Happy Belated Birthday..
sorry for not making any special thing for u this year..
I did only phoned and wish u on it je~ T_T
and sooory too for being a spoiled daughter this past 21 years...
thanks for everything mom.. for the support and the courage~ :)

oohh.. emotional entry! *while-wiping-tears~ T_T
I'm 100% sure that my parents doesn't read this~
It's my heart that speaks.. so, it will never be spoken out loud~^^
let it be a sweet memories here, in my blog~ :)

ok, also special birthday wish to my-unrelated-blood-sister: Rosliza Ali~
it was her birthday yesterday.. so, Happy birthday Ja! :D

ok, my-special-birthday-entry is OVER!
[take credit to HSJ song over~ :D]


akuwanblur90 said...

happy bufday aleza omar...

awall shah said...

selamat hari lahir^^

Nurul Ain said...

HB aleza!!!!..:))

Aleza Omar said...

tq wanblur!! :)

mekasehh syawal~!! :D

thanks aiinnnnnn~!!! ^^

domou arigatouu, minna! ^^

SyUhAdA said...

hepi besday leeza~!!

SyUhAdA said...

hepi besday leeza~!!

Aleza Omar said...

mekaseehhh syu~!!! ^^