Saturday, June 18, 2011

Loving HSJ~ ^^

in love with HeySayJUMP~~ [againnnnnn]~~ <3<3 haa~ ^^

I'm severely addicted to their new single~OVER
and also the track Ai-ing~ Aishiteru that included~
it's been thousands times I repeated the same songs~ OVER n OVER again~ haha~^^

I personally like OVER's choreography than Ai-ing~Aishiteru..
but I love Ai-ing~Aishiteru lyrics more than OVER though~ ^^
or... should I concluded that I LOVED both songs? ok, that's more appropriate~ :D

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seriously loves their dance~ ^^
*fangirl mode on!*:D

on Music Station
on Shounen Club

Gomenne, I can't put their vid since it's not in utube.. u got to dL them~^^
if it was put in utube, it'll be taken straight away anyway X(

here's Ai-ing~Aishiteru..

Aishiteru - Hey!Say!JUMP

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you can go to this LINK for the vid~ it's their performance in Shounen Club~^^

p/s: I'm missing NEWS sooooo much! where did they go? T_T with all the rumors n stuff~~ huaaaa~ DX 

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