Sunday, January 29, 2012

holidays end

my holidays has finished and I'm already in KL now~
what am I doing this 1 week hols??
I can't remember....... =_=

I don't even watched any Jdrama series,
I don't go out hanging with friends..
all I do at home is~ surfing internet, doing daily works, cooking, hu-ha with my sis and bro....
aaaaaaannd, that 1 week is now over~ T_T

anyway, I got 2 weeks more of JKM and then it will be study week and exam week following that~
what I hate about JKM is presenting slides~ I hate it!
I don't even good with talking in front of crowds to begin with! and now, presenting n answering question? gosh~ I'm trembling~ =_=
and also exam? huaaaa~
it's a nightmare u know~ a study week! and it's Internal Medicine's exam that I'm worrying for~ T_T
now, the "allnighters" will begin~ :(

what I love about JKM is the people that I met~
if it's in the ward, I met with patient~ ignorant one, some of them.
in JKM, I got to met with org Kampung~ which is super nice n super good!
I miss Tanjung Karang~!!! DX

ok, this post is crap~
all I typed is complaining~ *sigh*
ok now, I'm off~

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