Wednesday, January 25, 2012

HB Sho-kun!


shashiburi da ne! 
it's been a while! ^o^/

know what~ I'm soooo busy that I couldn't update my blog~
so sorry kayh!

ok, that's a bluff! haha~ I'm lazy. *awkward smile*

ok, for Arashian~
it's 25th Jan guyssss~ it's sho-kun's birthday~!!! *throws confetti* \^^/*

Sho has become my niban since I knew Arashi last year~
so, just like other Johnnys birthday, let's do some pic and gif spamming!! :D
*pic and gif are not mine! credits given to d owner~ >_<*

Aiba will b following later.. n then my Nino tooo~! *gasp* @_@
I love this pic d most!
don't he looks like a gorgeous newscaster~
less than 3 sho-kun, less than 3~^^

He just love himself~ ^^
he has a good eyes in cute things!! ^_^
just like me~~~~ aaaaw~
he once said that being cute is a crime! :D
and basically fails at everything~ :(
especially VSA games! :D
well, he's still a hot newscaster! :D
he inspires Keii-chan from NEWS to pursue studies~
and the most hardworking idol I've ever seen~ ^^

once again,
Outanjoubi Omedetto Sho-kunnn~!!!
and get married already! 

p/s: Arashi is getting a new single~!!!
owyeahhhh~! ^^
it's called Wild at Heart
it's for MatsuJun's drama "Lucky 7"~ with keii-chan in it!! ^o^

owh, and
Sho will b in new TBS drama sp~! ^o^
d title is so long~ sorry! ^^"
ganbatte Sho-kunnn!


Naddyamal said...

Happy Sho DAY~!!!

Aleza Omar said...

happy sho day too~!! :D