Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LJ account


I'm here to promote my Livejournal account!
I'm sooo lame~ =.='
been in fandom like almost 3 years but only now I do my LJ....
well, better late than never! :D

it is actually the second account...
the first one was forgotten bcause I don't use it~
bcause at that time I was soo confused with it and don't know how to use it~ hee~ :P
well, right now I'm not a pro either..
I'll be okay soon~

this LJ was done for me to write my fandom..
bcause I'm thinking of deleting my blog~
but I don't have the courage to do sooooooo~~ T_T
so, I just keep it for the time being~ :)

well... here's the link~ ^^

I'm new, so I might be stupid about it~
ja, yoroshiku ne~ ^^


Naddyamal said...

I'm adding u~ XD

Aleza Omar said...

thanks! adding u too~ ^^