Friday, April 6, 2012

[JDrama/JMovie] Mother/Usagi Drop

the promised review


OST mother by Hinaco -  Nakigao Smile
Lyrics and Translation -> HERE

just by watching the above MV,
u can actually tell that this is super duper sad drama series..

btw, here's quote from dramawiki:
Matsuyuki plays the part of Nao Suzuhara, an elementary school teacher. When she realizes that one of the female students is receiving abuse from her mother, Nao's maternal instincts kick in, and she impulsively decides to bring the girl into her own care. Serving as a substitute mother, Nao takes the child on a trip from Hokkaido to Tokyo, and the two experience various events together along the way.

that student is Mana-chaaaan~!
I love her so much~ she's so cute.
such a great actress!

as always...
it won't many since u can't feel the drama just by looking d screencaps. :)

this is the time when Nao wants to make Rena as her mother.
she telling her that she's gonna kidnap her and run..
they promised each other that they gonna lie that they were mother n daughter.

Rena calls her real mother "mama"
while Nao as "Okaasan" which is more polite.
this is the time when Rena sees her mother back.

okay.. that's d screencaps.. ^^
I'm highly recomended this! ^^

oh and...
movie review: Usagi Drop~
I just finished watching it yesterday~

if u asked me hows the storyline..
I would say it rather normal..

here's the copy-cat synopsis
 The plot follows thirty-year old Daikichi as he becomes the guardian of Rin, the illegitimate six-year old daughter of his grandfather.

it was based on manga story.

this post is dedicated to dearly Mana-chan!

isn't she cute?! isn't she cute?!
kawaii na mana-chan!
one random facts about her~
I've watched a vid.. but I forgot what it is.
they make a survey on who's actor/actress that they don't want to watch in Japan TV anymore
surprisingly she cames number 1~ D:
the reason is mainly because they don't want to see Mana-chan works so hard at her age..
she should be in school enjoying her life~
it's true.. although we love her..
they shouldn't work our cutie Mana-chan so hard~ >_<

well, that's all~

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