Sunday, April 1, 2012

April comes.. the dorky Keito turns 19

it's already 1st April~
so soon April comes and March goes~ T_T
being a medical student, I had been strict about the holidays that I have..
but still, I do nothing~ -.-"

but, I'm able remember the Hiragana table! haaa~
next would be katakana letters~ ^^
and I able to finish at least 7Jdoramas
still watching another 3Jdoramas
finished 3animes and still watching another one.
and also finished all DeathNote Movies and planning to rewatching GANTZ soon~

btw, it's Keito's Birthday today~
dorky and english boy in HSJ~

Outanjoubi Omedetto Okamoto Keito~
u're now, 19!
be a good Uni student soon~ ^^

the best pic is always Keito on guitar~
my niban in HSJ~^^
I wants to write a Jdrama and an anime review soon..
well then.. bye~~

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