Saturday, March 31, 2012



apparently, the blog's dashboard has been changed~
I've been away for too long huh?

I'm in a state of fully unreachable this past 2 weeks..
the internet line was interrupted and my phone broke down!
well, for now... with one back.. I can see some light~ -.-
too bad for my phone though~
I sent it for repair and it came back with no hope of recovering~
I'm so sad... T_T
sad enough that I'm still don't want to open up my number... :(
and yeah, I'm not planning to buy a new one bcoz I'm so depress! --"
it broke bcoz of the ocean splash~ T_T
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh~ *sigh*
I bought it on Tego's birthday last 2 year~~~~ :(

oh well...
I'm so messed up right now~
and I'm doing nothing on my holiday~ T_T

okay, this post has no meaning :/
thanks for reading~ -.-"
and sorry to take ur precious time reading this ridiculous entry~


Naddyamal said...

be happy~ ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian - poyo siot ayat ak XD..

Aleza Omar said...

the heart drops to pieces~
haihhh~ -.-"