Sunday, March 11, 2012

11th March 2012

it's 11th March 2012..

today, it has been 1 year since the Tohoku earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan~
I even blogged about it last year..
won't provide the links.. find it in archive~ ^^"

the Johnnys Entertainment company make it again~ "The Marching J"
a fund raising event where all the Johnny's artists from senior to junior would participate~

I won't make entry about this~
let us pray for the victims that disasters..
like how Japan did to support each other~ ^^

ok, change topic! :D
last time I was waiting for my result~
and yeah, Alhamdullilah.. I passed all the postings and now I'm oficially a 4th year Medical Student~ ^^
it's hard to believe... but again, Thanks to Allah who's always beside me~ :)
to my friends who's their journey still not over yet...
gudluck guys! I know u guys can do it! ^^/
let's go to 4th year together~ :)
well, I'm not a perfect person to talk about this..
I never been there before but I know it's hard... keep holding on kayh!:D

I got almost 2 months of holiday until May this year~
the longest holiday I ever get since form 5! X3
so, need to plan my holiday carefully~ ^^
bcoz I can sense that I couldn't have this long holiday ever again! :/

so, starting tommorrow I will be in Mersing spending my time there for one week~ :D
haa~ can't wait to spend my time with little nephew~ :3 huhuuu~
on 22nd April, I will go to Rantau Abang Terengganu for my elective posting there~
for one week~ :)

the rest of the holiday will be filled with JDorama, Fangirling activities and I will learn how to cook better! ^^
and of course, I want to finished learning the Japanese language from the book that I posted before~ :)

oh, btw~
I finished watching Jdorama Mother...
a sad Human drama~ T_T
will write the review later~ ^^

and I also had finished this ~>
HSJ Summary Concert dayoooo~! ^o^/
I'm so excited! haha XD
I finished up downloading yesterday and straight away watching it for 2 and a half hour~ :D

ok, that's it..
ja~ bye bye nee~~! :D

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