Monday, March 5, 2012

[PV] Arashi - Wild at Heart

while I'm still not over with SUPER DELICATE by HSJ~
Johnny's make Arashi to reveals their full PV of WILD AT HEART~ -.-

Johnnys is killing me~! D:
btw, WHERE'S MY NEWS!! >__<
K8, K-T, YT all got new single, why not NEWS? :(
Johnny-san no baka! ><

okeeeeyyyyyyyy, here's d PV!
douzo~! ^^

Lyrics~> HERE

btw, u got to see this bcoz it'll be taken down soon~ ^^
HSJ Super Delicate that I posted before has been claimed~ :/

I love the chorus part~
maybe bcoz I had been used to OST of Lucky7~ ^^
the song is so Arashi-like ne!
ermm~ the feeling is like listening to their Energy Song ^^
aaaaand, love the 70's dance! haha XD

btw, when I'm watching this, I remember other PVs bcoz of some similarities~ 
haha, that bcoz I repeated this vids so many times! XP 

the same person here~ MatsuJun!
above from Wild at Heart, below from Believe~ ^^
the one from Wild at Heart is much more narrower tho~ :D
oh, I love Believe~ mecha kakkoiii~ :3
u can see the PV here :)

the circle around camera!
above from Wild at Heart, below from Kaze no Mukou e 
n really I love Kaze no Mokou e too! ^^ asexpected
bcoz my Nino is playing acoustic guitar! :3
haaaaaaaa~ fall - in - love! <3
PV here :)
the best part -> the 70's dance! XD
if it's 70's then we will always talking about NEWS' Koi no ABO!
:D   :D
gotta see em here!~> PV Koi no ABO
bcoz NEWS are dem funny! XD
NEWS desss~! :D
ah, yabai~
this is supposed to be an Arashi's post~
can't mix them~ -.-"
btw, I'm done! :D

ohhh, last pic fo yah!
because I'm bias! hah XD
I'm so busy with JUMP lately~
missing my Ninooooo~ =3=

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