Thursday, November 25, 2010

> Kaichou wa maid-sama


waaaaaaaaaaaaa~ *otaku mode

like this anime soooooo much!

all OTAKUs must see this!

wanna know bout this anime??
please go google search engine~ type "kaichou wa maid-sama"~ and there is the information~


this is AYUZAWA MISAKI~ soo kyut isn't? ^^
she is a fierce president in her school.
as a student council, she aims to increase number of females in her school.
working as maid in maid latte cafe~
no one knows bout her part time job except this guy below, and three others~
hates guys so much
*i like that maid costume~!!! ;)

like a perfect guy in that anime~ or world?
loves ayuzawa sooo much~
always go to maid latte cafe~
*wondering, is there any guy like this in this world?? if yes, i wanna marry him! haha~^^

overall..... 8 out of 5 stars~!! hahah~ *bleh x?
bak kte org sabah~ beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest sgt! ^^
*sorry bell~ ;p

ok, enuf fo anime...
i got csl today~
and my facilitator is an anesthiologist~ best3~!^^
the way he conduct pn not bad for me~ wlupun ade blackout kjap~ haha..
we as pblmates yg baru pn da mkin rapat~
yay~! i like this~!^^

p/s: got no class tomoro~ yay!^^

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annshana0706 said...

usui takumi daichuki~<3