Saturday, November 13, 2010

> gambatte kudasai~!^^

haaa~ seee?? what's up there??
its my ticket! off to KL tomorrow~^^
pkul 8...14 nov..
yep~ kte saje amek lmbat sbb nk blik lmbt2.... eheeee~
kalo bleh nk blik malam~ huuu~ tp lrt mne ade mlm~ so blik la ptg.....^^

today result sem 3 were out~
and Alhamdullilah i passed all modules~ ^^ *thanks to zahir to informed me~! arigatou~ bows.
for those yg x bernasib baik~ well, be strong okeh!^^
there will be another chance~ so, gambarimasu~! ;)

owryte~ thats update for exam..

for lesen lak~ tggal JPJ test jep~! yey~!
yooshhhh~! got to find monday leave this disember~ ^^

this monday gonna starts sem4~ 4 out of 10 sem~ ouhh, getting closer to d middle~^^
well, aja-aja leez~! :D

this monday juge first year gonna starts their study week~
well, for my juniors and oso my friend *esp ila + syera
gambatte kudasai~!!^^

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bling~ bling~
hee~ this gudluck dtujukan kpd dak2 first year for their study week~
and to second year for starting sem 4 tomorrow~
ouh, oso to third year for starting sem 6~


p/s: cm terlebih hyper arini~ =_="


HaRuhi said...

aleza check kat mane???

Aleza Omar said...

bleh g kat fb ezzat~
die ade upload gamba~

well, for ain~ tahniahhh ye~!^^

HaRuhi said...

huh yeke??

Aleza Omar said...

hee~ btul3~
better check urself~^^

HaRuhi said...

aleza takdek pun......dah saket perut dah ni..wuaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
bagi link die jap

Aleza Omar said...

owryte~ kat sini~ :)

Aleza Omar said...

kat persiap bba thun 2 pn ade gak~

HaRuhi said...

waaaa aleza time kasih!!!!..:))
alhamdulillah banyak2...:)

Aleza Omar said...

Again, tahniah!!!^^