Wednesday, November 24, 2010

> 10 random things about me~

got tag from Ain's blog~

well, org da tag, kne jwb sungguh2 nih~ haha~

10 random things about me~

1. kte seorg bdak yg agk tacing sket~*ke byk?? haaaaa ya ya~ crybby omputeh kate~

2. i love anime sooooooooooooo much~! the likeness is infinity~ hehe~^^

3. can't talk with guys well enuf~ *hoho~ sorry ye kaum adam sekalian~

4. when angry, kte akn jd org yg paliiing senyap smbil menghempas2 pintu~ haha~ *not to forget, eventually i'll cry at end of the day~ huhu~

5. i can be extremly hyper when talking bout my favorite character in anime~ *kyaaaaa~ kaname sama~! >>fangirl mode

6. i may look emo, but actually i'm not~ it is a big NO-NO for me to be emo~^^
its like when i cried, i will be silent, then cried out loud again till i fall asleep, then next thing i got up, my mood turning ok~ so, no worries~^^ *sape worries ngn kamu leeza??

7. SGT benci apbile org mnganggu tidur kte~ again, sgt benci~

8. i hate waiting ppl and for that of course i hate ppl waiting for me~ i will feel guilt as hell~ so dont make me do this~

9. Extremely HATE ppl yg mungkir janji~ *ouh, seriesly x dpt terime =_=

10. having a dream as high as mount everest~ to be a doctor one day and insyaAllah an anesthiologist *err..tpkn, kne tgok CNS module first~ haha~ ^^

owryte, thats all i think,
thanks to Ain sbb bri pluang pd kte tuk jwb soklan ni~
arigatou gozaimasu~!! *bows^^

p/s: I can't decide yet what i am going to be after GP~ anest is one top priority now, but i'm not sure of it~ only 30% i think..
its ok, still a loooooooooong journey to go~!^^
Ganbatte leez~!^^


HaRuhi said...

same-same aleza....hihhihi

Aleza Omar said...

lagi arigatou~!! ^^

tenten takazawa said...

Ahhh Tharu!!!
I had the same attitude as you!