Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthdays of June

about 5 minutes ago, a stremyx guy came n psg intenet kat uma kmi~

yey~!! suda ade intenet~!!! :D

actually, dah resistant dah dgn ketiadaan intenet ni.. without internet i cant log in to fb or my blog..
n, i miss my blog soooooo much, but not the fb~
im thinking of deactivating it..but there were sumthing important about, x yah deactivate lah~ :) *oh, d 'important thing' is secret..hehe*

june which full of memories dah pn mninggalkn kte~ soo sad =(
d most important events of course lah my birthday kn..heee~
x dpt buat entry khas on that day~ isk2~
so, i'm gonna post about it rite now~ :)

i'm turning 20~
no more -teen~
bye2 sweet -teen :)
i shuld be more matured kn?~ ehem!
x de ape special yg blaku hari tu...
pass 12 am, syera n others send wish on my handphones~ thanks guys~!
i think this year is my boring-est birthday i ever had.
on the morning i wake up doing nothing...since x de kelas hari sabtu~
and also ends up doing nothing..uhuh~~
on 21st baru bkk fb n tgok all the wishes yg korg send~
thanks guys~~ hontouni, hontouni arigatou~!! :))

when comes my birthday i always remember my birthday last year~
the most happiest birthday i ever had~ :)
on 19/06/2009, i remembered that day upu results keluar..
and i got ukm medic, it was the best present i ever had.. :)
and abah belanja satay for that~ heee~ (at least, kte dpt banggekn abah kn?)
*i promised to myself that im gonna do my best here in this medicine! i will!! :)*
and at night, my brothers make a birthday suprise for me.. it was unexpected thing..
well, they do that before... but i culd discovered that..haha~ :)
ok, thats all for my birthday~

this is cake kaklong buat for me when i go back on 25th june aritu~
thanks a lot~!! :)

for all baby june especially to my mak (5th june)and abah (16th june):
happy birthday mak, happy birthday abah~! glad to be ur daughter~
i'll make u guys impressed.. yup, i will! :)
~loves u guys a lot~

and for baby june that i cant wish, sooo sorry guys! here and now i wish kayhh~ :)
Zahirah (11th june): happy birthday zahirah~!
Liliy (12th june): happy birthday Liliey~!
Koo meng lian (16th june): happy birthday meng~! i wish i culd see u ~ :)
Rosliza (18th june): happy birthday ja~!
Syaza (24th june): happy birthday syaza~! sorry i did forgot ur birthday that day :)
Nabilah (29th june): happy birthday bell~!

**the one i cant remember their birthday, sorry kayh.... well, happy birhday! :)

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