Friday, July 30, 2010

>Again, my favorite character

WARNING: this post is totally about anime only~ if u like it~ go on and read it~ but if u dont like it~ just skip it~ i dont mind~~ :)
p/s: kte bleh jdi hyperactive skirenye kte talk about anime~ so bear with it ehh? ;))

which one would you choose??
i choose both~!!!! :DD

they were always people said that my favorite character is a bad guy~ and they hate it =_="
because i love ICHIMARU GIN and UCHIHA ITACHI which both was used to be a bad guys...
but there's something about them that i like~
(sorry to take anime as serious as like they were living~ )

Uchiha Itachi which was a part of akatsuki's organization. He was so evil that he could kill all his family leaving Sasuke, his only brother to live. He was a missing-nin which also called "betrayed ninja" towards his village...
ok, that was enough to see that he was evil right?
what makes him good?
actually he joined akatsuki to know their organization. He killed his family because his family intend to betrayed their own village. He leave sasuke alone living with no family because he cared about his bro until he even cant kill him...he should actually.
and not to forget..he fight sasuke until the end of his life to remove the cursed seal from him.
owryte, everything bad that he does actually had a reason for it kn??
so, conclusion is: he is good~~ :))

**i had once argued with someone about this~ but at the end i win~!!! haha~
----: im not just falling for his coolness but his kindness also~~ hoho~ :D

Ichimaru Gin is a shinigami in soul society. He betrayed soul society and follow aizen (which is extremely evil!). He do everything that Aizen told him to do...i thought he is bad after all he do to the one that trust him. but yesterday's released of Bleach 414 revealed that he is not bad!
haha~ i like~~~ :)) i was waiting for this:

seeee~~~ he killed aizen~ yey~!!! ^^ haha
this page is taken from mangastream

ok~! proven that my good instinct for every favorite character that i like is true~ yey~! ^^

owryte, tamat sudah post ini...sorry again for my kegilaan towards anime ni~
i just can't help it....:DD


HaRuhi said...

kater lappy rosak on9 pakai ape ni??

Aleza Omar said...

lappy x rosak sgt~
just kne flu cmtu jee..

kalo nk on9 yg prob coz kne reset modem stremyx dlu bru bleh..
nge-ngade kn laptop ni...huuuu~

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